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About Stone Henge: Provider of Premium Quality Tiles, Stone Slabs, Countops, and Flooring Materials in Orange County and Los Angeles County, CA.


Delivery & installation covers: Anaheim, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, and more.

Stone Henge Floor Kitchen Bath started in 2006 when husband and wife team Ehab Hajali & Lacy Spano decided to open up a store in Huntington Beach. The store would offer superior materials, craftsmanship, and installations to homeowners, who wanted to make their living space more inviting with the use natural stone slabs, tile, flooring and custom countertops. From its humble beginnings, Stone Henge has greatly expanded, now offering their resources to renovations in Orange County and Los Angeles County localities, including Anaheim, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, and so much more.

The Store’s Success was founded on two essential things:



Ehab grew up working with his family at their large tile and natural stone import business. His training and experience would allow him to accurately evaluate the quality of each line of materials and stone slabs, negotiate a fair price for each shipment, and pass on significant savings to his customers. Meanwhile, Lacy’s extensive experience and background in customer service within the natural stone, tile and flooring industry would allow Stone Henge to offer the very best of client assistance, from design to installations and turn over.

Lacy’s flair and natural talent for interior design allowed her to provide some additional services that are not usually available to the public. “We give each customer a computer generated preview of their new room before a single stone was laid. Before we begin, Ehab takes some photos of the existing rooms we will be working on and I create an image that shows the room after the install.” Lacy says. “It’s a real time saver and with such a large investment it allows the customer to be certain their selection will look exactly as they intended it too.”

Four years later, their vision of how the business would run is a wonderful reality, with hundreds of happy customers enjoying their homes like never before. “Many of the customers are so grateful that they made the decision to work with us,” says Ehab, “it’s very gratifying to leave a home much more beautiful that we found it and the best part is, when you do a good job and go beyond what is expected, people tend to tell their friends.”

Visit the Stone Henge Showroom and experience our service for yourself. We provide an excellent selection of premium grade tiles, stone slabs, countertops, and floorings. For every purchase, we could likewise offer to design your remodeling project and effectively install these materials for your convenience.

Near the corner of Beach and Edinger, across from the Huntington Beach Mall.